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Clifford K. Berryman (1944)Clifford K. Berryman, Evening Star (Washington D.C.), "for 'Where Is the Boat Going?'"Editorial Cartooning
James T. Berryman (1950)James T. Berryman, Evening Star (Washington D.C.), "for 'All Set for a Super-Secret Session in Washington'"Editorial Cartooning
George Beveridge (1958)George Beveridge, Evening Star (Washington, D.C.), "for his excellent and thought-provoking series, "Metro, City of Tomorrow," describing in depth the urban problems of Washington, D.C., which stimulated widespread public consideration of these problems and encouraged further studies by both public and private agencies."Investigative Reporting
Mary Lou Werner (1959)Mary Lou Werner, The Evening Star, "for her comprehensive year-long coverage of the integration crisis in Virginia which demonstrated admirable qualities of accuracy, speed and the ability to interpret the news under deadline pressure in the course of a difficult and taxing assignment"Breaking News Reporting
Miriam Ottenberg (1960)Miriam Ottenberg, Evening Star (Washington, D.C.), "for a series of seven articles exposing a used-car racket in Washington, D.C., that victimized many unwary buyers. The series led to new regulations to protect the public and served to alert other communities to such sharp practices."Investigative Reporting
Haynes Johnson (1966)Haynes Johnson, Washington Evening Star, "for his distinguished coverage of the civil rights conflict centered about Selma, Ala., and particularly his reporting of its aftermath."National Reporting
James R. Polk (1974)James R. Polk, Washington Star-News," for his disclosure of alleged irregularities in the financing of the campaign to re-elect President Nixon in 1972."National Reporting
Mary Mcgrory (1975)Mary McGrory, Washington Star, "for her commentary on public affairs during 1974."Commentary
Edwin M. Yoder Jr. (1979)Edwin M. Yoder Jr., Washington StarEditorial Writing
Jonathan Yardley (1981)Jonathan Yardley, Washington Star, "for his book reviews"Criticism

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