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1946 - CorrespondenceArnaldo CortesiNew York TimesArnaldo Cortesi of The New York Times for distinguished correspondence during the year 1945, as exemplified by his reports from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1946 - Editorial CartooningBruce Alexander RussellLos Angeles TimesBruce Alexander Russell, Los Angeles Times, "for 'Time to Bridge That Gulch'"
1946 - Editorial WritingHodding CarterDelta Democrat TimesHodding Carter, Delta Democrat-Times (Greenville, Mississippi), "for a group of editorials published during the year 1945 on the subject of racial, religious and economic intolerance, as exemplified by the editorial 'Go for Broke'"
1946 - International ReportingHomer William BigartNew York Herald TribuneHomer William Bigart, New York Herald Tribune, "for distinguished war reporting from the Pacific."
1946 - National ReportingEdward A. HarrisSt. Louis Post DispatchEdward A. Harris of St. Louis Post-Dispatch for his articles on the Tidewater Oil situation which contributed to the nation-wide opposition to the appointment and confirmation of Edwin W. Pauley as Undersecretary of the Navy.
1946 - Public ServiceScranton Times (Staff)Scranton TimesScranton Times, "for its fifteen-year investigation of judicial practices in the United States District Court for the middle district of Pennsylvania, resulting in removal of the District Judge and indictment of many others."
1946 - ReportingWilliam L. LaurenceNew York TimesWilliam L. Laurence of The New York Times for his eye-witness account of the atom-bombing of Nagasaki and his subsequent ten articles on the development, production, and significance of the atomic bomb.

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