Winners of the Journalism Pulitzer Prize

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1945 - CorrespondenceHarold BoyleAssociated PressHarold Boyle of Associated Press for distinguished war correspondence during the year 1944
1945 - Editorial CartooningBill MauldinUnited FeaturesSergeant Bill Mauldin, United Features Syndicate, "for distinguished service as a cartoonist, as exemplified by the cartoon entitled, 'Fresh, spirited American troops, flushed with victory, are bringing in thousands of hungry, ragged, battle-weary prisoners', in the series entitled, 'Up Front With Mauldin'"
1945 - Editorial WritingGeorge W. PotterProvidence JournalGeorge W. Potter, The Providence Journal-Bulletin, for his editorials published during the calendar year 1944, especially for his editorials on the subject of freedom of the press
1945 - International ReportingMark S. WatsonBaltimore SunMark S. Watson, The Baltimore Sun, "for distinguished reporting from Washington, London and the French and Italian fronts in 1944."
1945 - National ReportingJames RestonNew York Times*Dummy Award & Year
1945 - PhotographyJoe RosenthalAssociated PressJoe Rosenthal of the Associated Press, for his photograph Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima.
1945 - Public ServiceDetroit Free Press (Staff)Detroit Free PressDetroit Free Press, "for its investigation of legislative graft and corruption at Lansing, Michigan."
1945 - ReportingJack S. McDowellSan Francisco CallJack S. McDowell of the San Francisco Call For his campaign to encourage blood donations.
1945 - Special CitationsAmerican Press (Staff)American PressCartographers of the American press, for maps of the war fronts that have helped notably to clarify and increase public information on the progress of the Armies and Navies engaged.

Winners of the Letters, Drama and Music Pulitzer Prize

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