Pulitzer Prize: The Database 

Pulitzer Prize: The Database (1917 - 2014)

(1917 - 2014)

This resource is meant as an interactive archive of all the Pulitzer Prizes ever awarded, both for Journalism and for Letters, Drama and Art. You can use it to create your own visualizations by combining variables, sorting amounts, filtering information and choosing the type of graph. You can do so for the data on contained in the collections called "Main Data - Winners" and "Main Data - Award Categories" (click on the links to interactively explore the relevant data) . They have all the information you need on years, prize categories, winners...and more. 

Winning Publications
New York Times110
Washington Post61
Associated Press47
Los Angeles Times43
Wall Street Journal35
Chicago Tribune25
Boston Globe23
Miami Herald20
Philadelphia Inquirer18
St. Louis Post Dispatch17
Des Moines Register16
Baltimore Sun14
Chicago Daily News13
Atlanta Journal Constitution11
Detroit Free Press11
New York Daily News10
New York Herald Tribune10
Washington Star10
Dallas Morning News9
Denver Post9
New York World9
United Press9
Chicago Sun Times8
Louisville Courier Journal8
Seattle Times8
St. Petersburg Times8
Christian Science Monitor7
Kansas City Star7
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel7
Scripps Howard Newspapers6
Boston Herald5
Sacramento Bee5
San Francisco Chronicle5
Charlotte Observer4
Miami News4
New York World Telegram4
Providence Journal4
Times Picayune4
Washington Daily News4
Akron Beacon Journal3
Brooklyn Daily Eagle3
Buffalo News3
Dallas Times Herald3
Detroit News3
Gannett News Service3
Indianapolis Star3
Lexington Herald Leader3
Minneapolis Star Tribune3
Orange County Register3
Orlando Sentinel3
Philadelphia Daily News3
Rocky Mountain News3
Village Voice3
Virginian Pilot3
Anchorage Daily News2
Arizona Daily Star2
Arizona Republic2
Arkansas Gazette2
Birmingham News2
Boston Herald American2
Boston Traveler2
Dayton Daily News2
Fort Worth Star Telegram2
Gainesville Sun2
Hartford Courant2
Kansas City Times2
Knight Newspapers2
Louisville Times2
Macon Telegraph And News2
Montgomery Advertiser2
Nashville Tennessean2
New York Evening Post2
New York Journal American2
New York Sun2
New York World Telegram And Sun2
News & Observer2
Oakland Tribune2
Omaha World Herald2
Philadelphia Bulletin2
Pittsburgh Post Gazette2
Pittsburgh Press2
Plain Dealer2
Pottstown Mercury2
Richmond News Leader2
San Diego Union Tribune2
San Francisco Examiner2
San Jose Mercury News2
Seattle Post Intelligencer2
St. Louis Globe Democrat2
St. Paul Pioneer Press And Dispatch2
Star Ledger2
Star Tribune2
Tampa Bay Times2
Tuscaloosa News2

Or, which artists won most Pulitzer prizes for Letters, Drama and Music?

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